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Before I share the snippet from The Three Vices: Charity, book 2 in my Regency-Era Historical, here's the blurb and overview from the first book, The Three Vices: Patience

C.H. Admirand sweeps her readers back into the past to Regency England with book one in her Regency-Era Historical Trilogy: The Three Vices. This re-release has the previously deleted prologue, chapters, and scenes added back in for an enhanced read. For readers who have already read Patience, I have toned down the love scenes to appeal to a broader range of readers. Never fear, the romance is still the most important part of Lady Patience and Viscount Rexley's story. 

Here's the trilogy overview: Three cousins: Lady Patience Wainwright, Lady Charity Fenwick, and Lady Prudence Thompson, (daughters of three sisters) each have a vice that has their respective parents despairing that they may never find suitable matches for the highly spirited and willful daughters. 

Patience, Charity, and Prudence…Virtuous qualities a young lady seeking a husband would surely wish to possess. 

Unless, of course, a well-meaning parent chose to name her daughter Patience, with an eye to the future, hoping her precious child would seek to emulate the meaning of her name. 

Never imagining her beloved daughter would grow up preferring the break-neck pace of racing her horse across the meadow to taking tea with callers, or that she would prefer angling for trout and firing a pistol to plying fabric with a needle. And, Lord help us all, that she would grow to stand just four inches shy of six feet tall! 

Patience is impetuous, impulsive, and impossible. Ah, but her parents have a plan to secure a marriage, and their daughter’s future. They intend to find a gentleman of noble birth—with deep pockets—who has never met their daughter. 

Surely somewhere in all of England there is a gentleman who will embrace their daughter, thorns and all. All he need do is overlook her height, and her talent with rod, reel, and pistol.

The virtue has become the vice … 

Disclaimer: A reminder that this is a work-in-progress. Words and phrases, punctuation, etc. will be corrected and/or revised down the road.

The Three Vices: Charity
by C.H. Admirand
©2009 C.H. Admirand
Excerpt from Chapter 1
“Prudence how could you?” Lady Charity Fenwick wailed.
     “I’m truly sorry, cousin, I had no idea.”
“Do you have to repeat everything you hear?  Relate everything you know?”
     “Charity, I’m sor—”
     Charity’s head pounded like the very devil were comfortably seated inside her head beating away on the world’s largest, loudest timpani drum.
     She glared down at her younger cousin from her lofty height. By turns, their six inch height difference either made her feel like the veriest giant, or in this case, a righteous goddess waiting to incur her wrath upon her mere mortal cousin, one Lady Prudence Thompson.
     “Oh, Charity.”
     Pru’s single sob of anguish sounded genuine. Blast it all; Charity knew Pru never meant any harm when she passed on juicy bits of gossip. But this time, her cousin had landed her in the suds.
“I’ve got to spend all of next week transferring the Aunts latest crop of seedlings from their blasted trays to their own peat pots!”
Pru finally looked up at her and Charity saw a mix of sorrow and glee only Pru could find in this situation.
     Without words, Charity knew what Pru was thinking, “You may not repeat my punishment sentence to anyone!”
     Pru shook her head, her green eyes positively guileless in their unspoken plea. Charity was not going to take any chances. 
She grabbed her cousin by the elbow and hauled her over to the shop’s display of gloves. “If you do, I’ll hunt you down and see that you spend the entire Season doing penance at the Aunts!”
     “But I never do anything bad enough to warrant such punishment, dearest.”
     Charity nearly bit off the tip of her tongue to keep from shouting at Pru. Drawing in a deep cleansing breath, she leaned very close to Pru and hissed, “I shall tell your father that you were the one who orchestrated the entire affair. If it were not for you, dearest, neither Patience nor myself would have known that the duel was to take place at all.”
Pru’s mouth opened and closed, twice, before a dawning look of horror swept across her dimpled cheeks. Satisfied that Pru knew exactly what she was up against, should even a hint of Charity’s upcoming stay at the Aunts find its way into a conversation, Charity smiled.
     “Shall we purchase the silk three-quarter length gloves or the elbow length ones?”
     “I’m never speaking to you again.” Pru flounced off toward the front of the shop glaring daggers over her shoulder at Charity.
     “Pru-” Charity intended to warn her to watch where she was going, but Pru sniffed and raised her nose another fraction higher. Disdaining Charity’s company.
     The tinkling of the bell over the shop’s door warned that someone was about to step inside,
     “Not another word, or I swear I’ll---ooompf.” Prudence slammed into the solid wall of the stranger’s chest, knocking her right off her feet.
     “Here now lass." The big man crouched down to help Pru to her feet. "Are ye hurt?"
     Green eyes wide with wonder, and shock, Pru could not seem to find her voice. If Charity hadn’t been so worried about her cousin, she’d pull out the diary she kept with her at all times and jot down this occurrence. But common sense returned.
“Excuse me, please,” Charity jostled the man to one side and helped her cousin to her feet, shaking out Pru’s skirts and brushing the infinitesimal specks of dust from her person. "Let's get you home, Cousin,"
     Pru wasn't listening and couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the man she’d run into. Charity just knew the man would end up causing trouble.  Drat the man and his thick Scots’ accent for turning Pru's head.
     “Just make certain, yer cousin hasn’t bruised her—”
     Before the man could utter such an unseemly word in their presence, Charity had Pru by the elbow and was steering her outside.
     “Oh—” Pru moaned.
     “Lassie,” The tall man called out, “ye might want an extra soft pillow to sit on.”
     Pru gasped and the intimate suggestion.
            Charity snorted and dragged Pru over to their carriage uninterested in seeing whether or not the tall Scotsman had succumbed to Pru’s petite dark beauty.

     She had more important things on her mind…like how to convince her mother she was absolutely without fault this time and did not deserve time repotting her Aunts collection.  Patience has just finished the South African collection, couldn’t the Aunts be content with that?

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the continuing story of three cousins, Patience, Charity, and Prudence.


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